Monthly Archives: June 2016

EP 74: Mary Gallagher

Mary  in studio! MARY 3

Hilarious actress and comedian, Mary Gallagher, shares her fascinating life story – from growing up with two Marine parents in Wisconsin – to “making it” in Hollywood on “Friends,” “How I Met Your Mother,” and many other huge shows!

Plus, Mary tells us about the day she broke her vegan diet thanks to Tom Selleck and a hot dog!


EP 73: Richard Rosenthal


Richard Rosenthal (on right) has been a Beverly Hills “hairstylist to the stars” for 40 years! And he has the wild, shocking, must-hear, celeb stories to prove it! From John Belushi to Carrie Fisher to Bette Midler – Richard tells all!

Plus, Richard opens up about his personal life. He shares with us the shocking way he learned about sex as a teen in the 1970’s and we hear about the traumatic, life-changing way he lost his virginity.


EP 72: Harlan Cohen

Harlan Cohen joins Vic in studio!

Harlan Cohen (on right) is not only a “New York Times” best selling author, but he’s also one of Vic’s two younger brothers!

Harlan and Vic get vulnerable as they talk about childhood memories growing up in Chicago’s Northern suburb of Glenview. And Vic reveals a childhood secret that leaves Harlan totally stunned.

(Harlan writes the syndicated advice column, “Help Me Harlan,” and he speaks with college and high school aged young people about how to make the most of college! He also has written six books.)