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shadedJennifer Kempton, a former sex slave, bravely shares the shocking details of how she got sucked into the dangerous and dehumanizing world of sexual exploitation in Columbus, Ohio.

As Jennifer’s must-hear story proves, there’s no American city or vulnerable man, woman, or child who’s safe from the tragic horrors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. And the problem is only getting worse.

Now a free woman, Jennifer has created the organization,! They help former sex slaves and survivors of human trafficking by offering “cover-up tattoos” or removal of brandings and/or scars victims received while being trafficked.



Meet one of tens of thousands of actors trying to make it in LA – with a story very different than the typical aspiring artist.

Preity Uupala left Australia, seemingly with it all. As a 20-something, gifted businesswoman, she was on the fast-track to eventually earn a seven income as an international investment banker. Yet, she ran away from the corporate world and all of its big promises.

What made Preity go after her dream, as she now lives in LA as a painfully small fish in an unimaginably big pond. And perhaps more importantly, what are you dreaming of going after that may be stopping you? Maybe, now is the time!



wendellkelly-1Meet professional trombonist, composer, conductor, and author Wendell Kelly, and hear how he went from a kid with a dream to working with Beyonce, Whitney Huston, Stevie Wonder, Justin Timberlake… and the list goes on!

Plus, Wendell shares some unforgettable behind-the-scenes stories about being a part of “The Howie Mandel Show” band! And Wendell gives us a quick in-studio trombone performance as he writes a new theme song for Vic’s show – right on the spot!

It’s impossible to spend an hour with Wendell over this episode, without leaving inspired and feeling better about the world we live in!



You’ve likely seen gifted comedian, Jimmy Shubert, on “Last Comic Standing,” “2 Broke Girls,””King of Queens,” “Entourage,” or on many of his comedy specials.

But you definitely have never seen the softer, more vulnerable side of Jimmy that he reveals in this very personal interview.

From Jimmy’s early days performing magic as a child in Philly, to memories of working with his mentor – the late, great comedic legend – Sam Kinison… Jimmy tells all.

Plus, for the first time anywhere, Jimmy publicly reveals a new chapter in his life – getting clean and sober from alcohol.




Former Playboy and “Deal or No Deal” model, radio personality, and author, Pilar Lastra, is as down-to-earth and “real” on the inside, as she is beautiful on the outside.

After hitting it big as a Playboy Playmate, you will never guess how she spent her first big paycheck. That selfless act alone defines who she remains to this day.

More recently, Pilar has turned in her Playboy bunny ears for an amazing broadcasting career in the burgeoning world of “Fantasy Football,” where she is one of the world’s most popular experts!