EP 45: Nicole Blaine (comedian, actress, show producer)

Vic has hilarious comedian and show producer, Nicole Blaine in this very funny must-see/hear episode! Over the unforgettable hour, Vic and Nicole primarily talk about THREE very important subjects:

1. Nicole's awesome hit new comedy show, “Virgin Sacrifice” (where Vic has performed)!
2. Nicole's vagina (from a comedy bit she does).
3. The time Vic tried to seduce his family's cleaning lady (when he was a kid).

“Virgin Sacrifice” is a LIVE standup show Nicole hosts and produces in Los Angeles, that features one “virgin” (non-comic), doing a self-prepared standup performance for the very first time, in a line-up full of the country's best comics.

Also in-studio, Nicole has brought a former “virgin” who was deflowered in a previous “Virgin Sacrifice” show… and we meet a future “virgin” who is preparing to get his cherry popped in a future “Virgin Sacrifice” show!

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